Found is the only online care home software that’s mapped to the care sector’s unique sales journey. We help busy care professionals capture and convert more leads - all whilst delivering exceptional customer service.

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Found Is Now Cyber Essentials certified and ISO 27001 certified

We’re delighted to announce that Found is now Cyber Essential Plus and ISO 27001 certified. Users will benefit from added security when using our platform.

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How to Digitise Documents Using a Care Home-Specific Operating System

Having well-organised documents will make a huge difference to your organisation’s efficiency and coordination. By digitising documents, you can better manage how your organisation operates on a day-to-day basis. Here, we’ve looked at how using care home software to digitise documents will boost your team’s output and productivity. We’ve focused on how you can use a care home operating system like Found to digitise documents.

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What is a CRM System? A Guide to Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems make it easier to manage and utilise large amounts of customer data. The best CRM systems will provide dashboards that clearly present this data, including through analytics and actionable insights. Keep reading to learn more about Customer Relationship Management software, including what it can and can’t do, the benefits, the different types and whether it’s right for your organisation.

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Sample Care Home Contract | Everything You Need to Know About Care Home Contracts

Care home contracts are important written documents that are signed by the care home itself, and whoever is paying for care fees. These contracts protect the rights of both parties and outline what one expects of the other. Here, we’ve explained what to include in a care home contract, why they’re important and how to deal with issues relating to these contracts. We’ve also provided a sample care home contract that you and your staff can use.

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GDPR in Care Homes | Use a CRM To Stay Compliant

One of the most important procedures to follow when running a care home is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This enforceable law protects the data privacy rights of individuals. If a care home doesn’t comply with GDPR, there could be severe consequences, including a damaged reputation and being sued by residents or their families. The good news is that you can use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, care home software and care home-specific operating systems to remain compliant with GDPR. Here, we’ve explained the key principles of GDPR, how it applies to care homes and how Found can help.

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Invoicing Software | Key Features, Advantages, Different Types and Cost

Creating invoices can be a time-consuming process, and getting the information right every time is crucial. That’s where invoicing software comes in. Often incorporated within other pieces of technology such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, invoicing software helps businesses automate and streamline their invoicing process. Keep reading to learn more about invoicing software, including how it works, the key features, advantages, the different types and whether it’s right for your organisation.

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Use CRM Software To Manage Your Care Home Finances

When you manage a care home, it’s really important to stay on top of finances. The most common types of care home finances are wages, billable extras, petty cash, building maintenance, marketing your home and training your care staff. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and care home-specific operating systems such as Found simplify numerous tasks related to care home management and finances. Learn more in this article about how you can use a CRM platform or care home operating system to make managing your care home finances much easier.