Why Found?

Becoming a partner is easy. Getting set up with Found is simple. Seeing value from day one is guaranteed.

Found CRM - Meet your dedicated Customer Success Manager
4 weeks before launch

Meet your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

At Found, we have a brilliant Client Success Team who'll guide you through the onboarding process and take all the weight off your shoulders. We'll provide all the tools needed to move over to Found and ensure all your information is ready and waiting for your launch day.

Found CRM - We'll have a chat with your web developers.
3 weeks before launch

We'll have a chat with your web developers.

Integrations are the key to making the most of Found. Our Customer Success Team will be in touch with you to gather information from your chosen marketing platforms like Lottie, Autumna and carehome.co.uk. They'll also chat with your website team to get your e-brochures and contact forms all set up and linking to Found.

Found CRM - Location creation and information upload.
2 weeks before launch

Location creation and information upload.

2 weeks before launch we need to receive back any key information you'd like put into Found. Your care home information, resident details, live enquiries and professional contacts will be put into Found, giving you a bespoke, personal touch from the get-go.

Found CRM - It's Training Day!
1 week before launch

It's Training Day!

The Customer Success Team will arrange a series of calls with your care homes to provide comprehensive training so everyone feels confident when using Found. We value building relationships with those who will use Found day in, day out. This ensures that you can always reach out to us and put a face to the name.

After training, your team can be provided access to Found prior to launch to get a real feel of our care home marketing software for themselves.

Found CRM - Launch Day

Launch Day

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will have everything sorted for a smooth launch. They'll ensure all integrations are up and running with your other platforms, all users have access and information is being processed properly. Kick back with a cuppa and feel the benefits of Founds' smart features!

Need to see it to believe it?
Take a look at some of our client case studies.

Found CRM - Exceptional Value From Day 1!
1-4 weeks post launch

Exceptional Value From Day 1!

Your Customer Success Manager will book in weekly catch ups for your team to attend and have an in-depth discussion on how everything's going. They'll learn from the experts at Found, share best practice and be able to provide the Found team with feedback and opportunities to grow and develop our care home software! There's a reason our clients love us, rating us 9.8 out of 10!

Need more training or something specific you'd like to achieve? Book a call with us and let's see what Team Found can do for you!

Found CRM - ROI supercharged
4-12 weeks post launch

ROI supercharged

You and your team will now be Found Pro’s! With Found you’ll immediately see the benefits of using care home software, through increased transparency, ease of use and comprehensive data collection. You’ll be on track to convert more leads and boost your care home occupancy by 23%!

Want to see how Found works in action? Book in a demo today!

Found CRM - Don’t stop me now!
12-52 weeks post launch

Don’t stop me now!

Having such a good time with Found? The average Found client finds in their first year they see a 44% boost in care home enquiry conversions.

Have a challenge in your care home? Speak to our product team and let’s build a solution together!

Know industry leaders who’d benefit from implementing Found in their homes? Refer them to our team and receive exclusive discounts and deals for you and your care group! No strings attached.

The opportunities with Found will ensure you always see value from us every single day.

Onboarding - Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most-asked questions about Found

What are Found’s top features for care home operators?

Unlike our competitors, our care home software is mapped to your unique sales journey. You can create and track all your home’s enquiries, which saves you time, resource, and money.

Our 3 best features are:

Billing and finances: you can create invoices and track payments in one easy-to-use platform.

Track enquiries: our care home CRM software simplifies the process of monitoring and engaging with potential new residents.

Monitor occupancy: our software helps optimise revenue and financial planning by understanding the number of beds available in your care home.

Does Found offer on-going support to care home staff?

Yes! Found is committed to providing on-going support:

  • We have a dedicated support team that is available round-the-clock.
  • We offer comprehensive training for all new and existing customers.
  • We’re continuously working to improve our care home software, based on your feedback too.

You can even try Found for free by requesting a demo here.

How does Found’s care home software stay up-to-date with the latest market trends?

At Found, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date, and we do this in several ways. We actively collaborate with care home providers - like yourselves - to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by the sector.

We value the feedback and suggestions provided by our customers.

Our team actively participates in training sessions, conferences and industry events to stay ahead of the latest trends.


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