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Found is the only online care home software that’s mapped to the care sector’s unique sales journey. We help busy care professionals capture and convert more leads - all whilst delivering exceptional customer service.


BrendonCare: When time is your most valuable asset, Found saves you hundreds of hours

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8 Homes51 Found Users2 Years with Found5 Star Rating

Laura Simmons

Head of Customer Relations


Before we introduced Found CRM we were spending too much time trying to record enquiries from all our sources, follow up with them and ensure we had accurate information to report on. Found has given my team and I the gift of time! By automating our online enquiries to land in one place, alongside any phone calls or walk-ins we receive, I can see at a glance exactly how many enquiries we have at any one time! It’s an absolute game changer!

My sales team has been really quick to pick up on Found as it’s really simple to use. After onboarding the Found team have been amazing, always looking for feedback and taking improvement requests seriously.

I really trust the Found team to deliver on exactly what they set out to do. Since being acquired by Lottie this has only got better, with new product improvements being released all the time!

Compared to recent years we’re handling more enquiries, converting more into residents and operating well above industry averages. This is no small part down to introducing Found CRM to our daily operations.

I couldn’t recommend Found enough to any other care operator. It’s far superior to any other product out there. I don’t think I can keep it as Brendoncare’s unique secret to our success any longer! Thank you so much for everything Found CRM.

Found has given my team and I the gift of time!

Springfield Healthcare

Springfield Healthcare: Experience the transformative power of Found - the easy-to-use, flexible, and bespoke sales solution

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7 Homes44 Found Users1 Years with Found5 Star Rating
Springfield Healthcare

Rachael Dunseath

Head of Marketing

Springfield Healthcare

Using Found has transformed our sales process, since we came on board we have noticed such a difference when handling and capturing our enquiries.

Found is easy to use - even if you are not techy! Our team is now solely using Found and no paper and we are all loving it!

We've noticed a lift in enquiries and efficiency and our team is working much more collaboratively together.

Found is so flexible, the team is constantly listening to feedback from us and other customers to develop the product and meet our needs - we couldn't fault it!

Found was easy to launch and it's bespoke to the healthcare sector, we got on board extremely quickly, it was so simple to get up and running.

I would recommend Found highly and often do, it's been such an advantage to us, it really is our secret weapon!

Our team is working much more collaboratively together

Care Concern Group

Care Concern Group: The all-in-one solution that streamlines operations, empowers teams, and delivers clear data insights

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45 Homes114 Found Users1 Years with Found5 Star Rating
Care Concern Group

Fiona Radford

Head of Sales and Marketing

Care Concern Group

At CCG we’re a large group with a range of homes, both established homes with current residents and a range of commissioning homes across the UK. Prior to introducing Found all our homes worked differently which made it really tricky to track, analyse and prioritise enquiries and understand our pipeline. We were also struggling with understanding our marketing attribution and ensuring our marketing spend was being directed towards the right places.

We made the decision to onboard Found and the speed of turnaround has been incredible. Initially we saw some resistance from the teams within the homes but as soon as they saw just how easy it was to use, they quickly converted to become Found’s biggest advocates! We’ve taken a phased approach to introducing Found but every week I’m hearing from different homes asking when they’ll be getting access to Found!

Regardless of role in the company every stakeholder has a win from Found. Whether it’s easily logging and tracking your daily tasks as a home manager to getting impactful data through their simple to use reporting as a member of the senior management team.

Since launching Found there are already clear benefits. Our teams are converting more enquiries, our occupancy levels are up on each home and team responsiveness to care seekers has grown massively. It’s really incredible to see from a top line view just how impactful technology can be at improving the journey for potential residents looking to move into one of our homes.

In my role as Head of Sales and Marketing the key benefit for me has been the clear data insights and effectiveness of our marketing spends and attribution of enquiries. One thing which has repeatedly been fed back to me by the team is just how simple the platform is for them to use.

Putting it simply; Found is a game changer!

Effective & clear data insights